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Vintage 1954 Pancordion Crucianelli Series 120 Bass Accordion

Vintage 1954 Pancordian Crucianelli Series 120 Bass Accordion Keys - 41 Treble Keys Bass Notes - 120 Treble Registers Keyboard - 18 1/2" 1 Bass Shift Made in Italy Color - Marbled Pearl Finish yellowed 3 leather straps, two for your shoulders and one for your hand 2 metal snap latches Dimensions - 20 1/4" x 16" x 9 1/2" Accordion Weight - 22 lbs./ Case weight 9 lbs. THIS AUCTION IS FOR A VINTAGE 1954 PANCORDION CRUCIANELLI SERIES ACCORDION IN ORI ...  More


Crucianelli Accordion 25 Keys and 12 Buttons Accordian

This accordion is in great working order from what we can tell. We are a pawn shop and get preowned and used items through buying and trading. We have limited knowledge about this particular model and just as much limited knowledge on how to gauge the actual condition of the accordion. If you would like extra pictures please request and we can accommodate any particular picture that you would like. Made in Italy emblem is on the bottom of the ins ...  More


Vintage Crucianelli Accordion, Made in Italy

The item up for sale in this auction is a Crucianelli accordion. The bass has 12 keys while the treble side has 2 full octaves on it.(25 keys) The straps to hold the accordion closed are broken. All of the buttons work on both the bass and the treble. It seems like there is a very small leak in the bellows. It's still very playable so I could be wrong, but it doesn't seem as air tight as I would like to think it should be. Check out the pictures ...  More


Gorgeous Gloss Black Crucianelli By Pancordion Accordion 7 Switch,W/Case,1 Owner

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Royal Blue Crucianelli Accordion w/ Wood Case in Working Condition FAST DELIVERY

Royal Blue Crucianelli Accordion w/ Wood Case in Working Condition This is a used item in good, working condition. 1 Black Key is in need of repair, as well as 1 clasp that keeps the instrument compressed. However, the rest of the accordion is in great shape, and sounds great too. Please see Listing Images for exact item condition, and feel free to contact us with any additional questions or concerns you may have. You can bid with confidence as w ...  More


Mid-1950s Crucianelli quarter size accordion

You are bidding on this lovely, well-preserved mid-1950s vintage Crucianelli quarter-size accordion. One owner. In great condition, in original case with original music books. Please contact me if you have any questions, or would like any specific pics. Please email us with any questions or if you would like more pictures. Please specify what view of the accordion you want,and we'll send it to you! We accept only PayPal as the only Ebay-approved ...  More


Vintage Crucianelli Full-Size Accordion 120 Bass/41 Key made in Italy with Case


CRUCIANELLI Roxy Organ Accordion Electric Philharmonic IX Concerto Deluxe Italy


Vintage Crucianelli Accordion ca.1890 - Good Shape and Fully Serviced


Crucianelli piano accordion Full Size 120 bass with electronics module